Early Signs of Glaucoma

Today in the United States a sobering 120,000 people suffer blindness from glaucoma, which represents up to 12% of all cases according to the Glaucoma Research Foundation. Glaucoma is a progressive disease that results in damage to your optic nerve. While glaucoma can cause irreversible blindness and there is no cure for glaucoma, there are many ways to prevent the progression of the disease.


It starts with a simple, non-invasive exam in Southfield, Livonia, or Dearborn at Michigan Eyecare Institute. Our seasoned optometrist and ophthalmologist work in tandem to diagnose and treat patients who suffer from glaucoma. While the exam is critical, there are certain warning signs you should pay special attention to. Continue reading to learn a few of the top early signs of glaucoma. 

Halos Around Lights

If you are seeing halos around lights, you may be experiencing the early warning signs of glaucoma. This may be more obvious when you are driving at night —when a halo may appear around oncoming headlights or streetlights. 

Loss of Vision

Glaucoma can cause blindness. And if you are experiencing vision loss in one or both eyes, it is imperative to reach out to the optometrist and ophthalmologist team in Southfield, Livonia, or Dearborn. At first, you may notice a blind spot in your field of vision or simply a decrease in vision sharpness. Peripheral vision loss is a quite common type of vision loss associated with glaucoma.  

Increase Eye Pressure or Pain

Glaucoma is the result of a buildup of fluid in your eye. If you are feeling eye pressure or pain, it may be one of the first warning signs of glaucoma. The pain can be dull, sharp, or you may feel an overall sense of pressure, which can resemble sinus pressure but in your eye.


If you are nauseous with or without vomiting in addition to one or more than one of the previous symptoms, you should reach out to Michigan Eyecare Institute. 

Consistent Eye Redness

Anytime your eyes are tired and red looking for several days in a row, you should be concerned. As an easily discernible early warning sign of glaucoma, you should reach out to your local optometrist in Dearborn, Livonia, or Southfield. 

Visible Rings Around Lights

Similar to seeing halos, another early warning sign of glaucoma is seeing multi-colored rings around lights. If you are experiencing this symptom, you should not take it lightly. 

Sudden and Severe Headaches

While we all have headaches from time to time, headaches accompanied by one or more than one previously mentioned symptom should not be overlooked. Instead, you should reach out to the optometrist and ophthalmologist team at Michigan Eyecare Center. 

Severe and Sudden Eye Pain

If you have severe and sudden eye pain that seems random, you may be experiencing an acute attack of glaucoma. You should reach out to an ophthalmologist in Dearborn, Livonia, or Southfield immediately. 

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