Computer Vision FAQs

Computer vision is a condition that causes vision damage due to extensive use of digital devices. At Michigan Eyecare Institute, serving residents in Southfield, Livonia and Dearborn, MI, our optometry team provides treatment for computer vision in addition to other eye care services. Here are some commonly asked questions about the condition.

Computer Vision

What is computer vision?  

Computer vision is a term used to describe eye strain that occurs as a result of extensive computer use. Your eyes can become strained due to:

  • Poor ergonomics or poor lighting when you’re on your computer
  • Blue light emissions from your computer straining your eyes
  • Blinking less due to staring at your screen, resulting in less moisture in your eyes, which can cause dry eye  
  • Excessive computer use that strains pre-existing eye conditions, like myopia or astigmatism

What are some common signs of computer vision syndrome?

Some signs to look out for are:

  • Eye redness and fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Neck pain or stiffness
  • Dry eyes

Fortunately, computer vision symptoms are temporary and will generally subside after taking a break from your digital devices. If you continue to experience vision problems, contact our optometry specialists for an eye exam, as these problems could stem from other eye care issues.

If the symptoms are temporary, why should I be concerned about computer vision?

Even though computer vision symptoms are temporary, they can impair your vision short term and pose a risk to the quality of your long-term vision. Computer vision symptoms can also lower your productivity and effectiveness at your job.

Is computer vision syndrome only caused by computer use?

No. Computer vision can be caused by extensive use of any digital device, including TVs, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and video game consoles.

How can I protect myself against computer vision?

If you use digital devices extensively due to school or work obligations, there are measures you can take to reduce your risk of computer vision. These include:

  • Take frequent breaks from your device to rest your eyes.
  • Blink more often when using your device.
  • Ensure you have adequate lighting when using your devices and keep computer monitors at proper eye level to avoid eye strain.
  • Download an app to reduce blue light emissions from your device.
  • Ask our eye care specialist about special computer glasses to protect your eyes from glare or blue light when working on your device.

If computer vision symptoms continue after taking breaks from your computer or worsen over time, see our optometry specialist, as you may have other problems with your eyes.

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If you have symptoms of computer vision, we can help. At Michigan Eyecare Institute in Southfield, Livonia, and Dearborn, MI, our team will diagnose and treat your condition. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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